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Whether you are a tenant, landlord or buy-to-let investor, our remit is to provide you with the best quality service in the market place.

A private Scottish company, our team has 30 years experience in the Scottish property market, 15 years experience as a buy to let landlord and 10 years experience working with Affordable Housing providers. In short we understand what You want when using services in the residential rental market.

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On Tuesday passed our Brian Gilmour took his usual chair on the BBC RADIO SCOTLAND Kaye Adams programme for his fortnightly property surgery.  With it being being 31st October, the show had a spooky Halloween feel.  If you missed it, here’s the transcription of... read more


The reasons for owning and renting out property will be specific to you.  People become buy-to-let landlords for a plethora of reasons; for some it is part of their long-term pension planning, for others it started when they bought a property for a child moving away to university and others it has been forced upon them by a slow sales market when a move away is essential.


Whether you are just starting out or are a sophisticated investor the Indigo Square team will help you to build your property portfolio. With the changes to funding since the 2008 crash, building a residential buy-to-let portfolio has become more challenging, and as buy-to-let investors of 20yrs experience ourselves we understand that getting that right advice when buying new properties.


Whether you are a first time tenant, have been a tenant of an Affordable Housing Provider or rented previously in the private rented sector it is important you know and understand all your rights and responsibilities.  When you are about to move into rented accommodation the legislative protections and requirements for landlords and tenants can be found online from citizens advice, local authorities.

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We understand the equal levels of enthusiasm and trepidation with which people greet correspondence from Property Factors – Is this a bill for extensive works or correspondence to inform that requested improvements did not get sufficient fellow owner approval?  Whatever the content of the dialogue the Indigo Square Management Promise that our service standards will be to deliver to You based on the simple ethos of our best endeavours to communicate quickly and transparently and deliver services, improvements and repairs promptly and at best value.


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Report all repair issues as soon as possible. Reporting repairs for your property is easier than ever with our online repair reporting system. Just click the following link…

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Landlords should be aware of key legislative requirements they need to fulfil if they wish to rent out residential property in Scotland. Register with us now gain instant access to premium Landlord’s information…

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Register with us to gain detailed information about the wider implications of becoming a buy-to-let investor and some key information that will help you in developing your portfolio…

The special requirements of portfolio owners…

As buy to let owners, Indigo Square understands the ups and downs of being a residential landlord and the special requirements of portfolio owners. Indigo Square also understand the equal levels of enthusiasm and trepidation with which a potential landlord faces his first let. So whether you own one or one hundred and one properties, Indigo Square can offer you the service you need for your investment.

Indigo Square also have unique insight into the needs of the Affordable Housing sector in Scotland. With 10 years experience of working with Government, Councils and Housing Associations, through or Socially Responsible Letting programme, Indigo Square can advise those landlords whose investment criteria includes the desire for a strong ethical as well as financial gain.

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