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We believe a good Letting Agent Should be a Local One

Landlords, a Personal Invitation to Personal Service…

The reasons for owning and renting out property will be specific to you.  People become buy-to-let landlords for a plethora of reasons; for some it is part of their long-term pension planning, for others it started when they bought a property for a child moving away to university and others it has been forced upon them by a slow sales market when a move away is essential.

Whatever the reason, you want what every landlord wants – all the best return on funds invested in property. Indigo Square believe that this is best done by creating a partnership of mutual benefit between you and tenant.  Well-maintained properties attract better quality tenants and better quality tenants attract a more sophisticated landlord.  Indigo Square believe that the best landlords are the best informed landlords and that is why we offer you unique access to key information about your property and the market with private log-in details to gain 24-7 access to information about your investment.

Click here to download a Landlords Brochure setting out the services offered by Indigo Square should you wish to rent your home.

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Tenants, We are Here to Help…

Whether you are a first time tenant, have been a tenant of an Affordable Housing Provider or rented previously in the private rented sector it is important you know and understand all your rights and responsibilities.  When you are about to move into rented accommodation the legislative protections and requirements for landlords and tenants can be found online from citizens advice, local authorities, the Scottish Government and solicitors.

The property you rent will become your home and Indigo Square believe that in addition to legal requirements it is simple common courtesy that your landlord provides you with a wind and watertight home with repairs undertaken within a reasonable time of Indigo Square being notified by you.  Equally your home is their investment and in return for it being maintained your landlord asks that you look after it as best you can.  This mutual partnership should ensure your stay is happy and comfortable.  If you want to know and understand your rights and responsibilities you can go online to for more information.

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Make sure your letting agent or factor is properly registered with the Scottish Government and a member of ARLA

Letting: Indigo Square are members of the Council of Letting Agents (CLA) and ARLA. We are also a Registered Letting Agent with the Scottish Government
Registration Number LARN1903041

Factoring: Brian Gilmour an Affiliate of the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) and the company is registered with the Scottish Government
Registration Number PF000843

Scottish Government Letting Code of Practice - DOWNLOAD PDF HERE