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100 Years of Council Housing

The 31st of July marked the 100 anniversary of the instigation of the creation of council housing in the UK. The Housing, Town Planning Act 1919 was an act of parliament and is commonly referred to as the Addison Act named after the Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Addison who then became the housing minister, who decided to push forward and active parliament following the First World War.

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When Rowdy Becomes Anti-Social…What To Do?

One of the things that we come across as a Factor and Letting Agents is anti-social behaviour, either people on the receiving end or people accusing our clients.  It can be a very delicate issue to deal with.  As a letting agent we must be aware of our landlords...

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The End of Air BnB in Glasgow or Just a Whingers Charter?

This does not mean that short-term lets are finished in Glasgow.  Those doing it on an ad-hoc or one-off basis will NOT require a change of use and the council have said that they will not be running around and shutting down short-term lets but simply acting on a “complaints led basis.”  In other words, if your neighbour knows about the restriction and isn’t happy you’ll get done.  If they don’t you won’t!

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Whilst most of the discussions on the news is about the machinations of government, for the consumer there are the impacts upon them and this week we look at the Self-build property Industry and ask Will BREXIT affect the self-build market?

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Lack of Supply Driving Scottish House Prices

Average house prices in Scotland rose by 4.8% in the year to April 2018, driven by a continued drop in buyer activity. The latest publication of the monthly UK House Price Index (UK HPI) shows that the average price of a property in Scotland in June 2018 was £150,472...

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