If you’ve ever had a property question but you were too afraid to ask, well, your opportunity to ask that question is now here. On Monday the 7th of October at 7pm in the Brisbane House Hotel, BBC Radio Scotland’s property guru, Brian Gilmour, will be hosting a property surgery.

At the free event, there will be a panel of experts on hand to answer whatever your property question may be. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to find out how to get on the property ladder, a retired person looking to downsize, or someone planning for your retirement and looking to get into property investment, the panel will be on hand to answer your queries.

Host of the event and The Kaye Adams Program’s regular property guru Brian Gilmour explained the idea. “Every second Tuesday, I’m on Radio Scotland taking phone calls and texts from people asking a whole range of property questions, and I thought it would be a great idea to bring this out to people in local areas. And the first place we’re trying is the North Ayrshire market and hosting the event in Largs.” Brian went on to state that having a misunderstanding of the market is not unusual. “A recent survey of 2000 first time buyers for Santander found that 60% had a misunderstanding of some core aspect of the property market.” Brian continued, “And I also find on The Kaye Adams Programme that many people looking to downsize maybe haven’t moved for 40 plus years and the housing market is so different to what it was that it’s important for people to ask any questions before they take that big step.”

Brian Gilmour has a regular slot on Radio Scotland Kaye Adams Programme discussing all things property and also regularly appears on The Nine TV programme on the BBC Scotland channel and he will host a panel that will consist of Andy Blair from Taylor Henderson Solicitors and Martin Riddle of Lyn Mar Estate Agents.  As the owner of local rental and factoring firm Indigo Square, Brian Gilmour will also be doubling up as the rental and property factoring expert to ensure that the panel has a range of answers to those queries, but as Brian explains, you don’t have to stick your hand up and speak in front of the wider audience. “We’ve got a great panel that should be able to answer any queries that people have got. We also have some questions that people have already emailed in that we will be able to answer on the night but not everybody wants to ask the questions in front of a room full of people. And so the panel will be able to answer questions at the end of the evening that may be specific to people’s own circumstances.”

Brian expanded on the thought process for the night. “As I say this has been inspired by appearing on The Kaye Adams Programme for the last three years. However, it’s also been from our customers. We’ve been established as a lettings agent for over a year in Largs since taking over from Colvin Houston and are launching our successful property factoring in North Ayrshire this autumn and a lot of the questions we get from customers and potential customers stem from a property factoring division, with regards to communal repairs and how to organise changing Factor, so whatever the query, we’ll be there and hopefully be able to answer it.”

The night will take place in the Brisbane House Hotel in Largs next to Nardini’s, from 7:00 PM on Monday the 7th of October, and entry is free.

For more information, you can contact Indigo Square on info@indigolets.com